Outdoor Recreation & Vacation Show

February 2-4, 2018 – Rochester, Minnesota

The Renovations and Expansion are Complete

After 12 years of show production, we discontinued our show during the extensive $84 million renovation and expansion of the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, Minnesota.

With the completion of construction, we are renewing our commitment to producing a quality event that provides access to one of the most “Exclusive and Influential” regions in the U.S.

We welcome your interest in this “Face-To-Face” event for the Outdoor Recreation, Tourism and Vacation industries.

Rochester – A World Renowned Destination

A Leader in the Computer, Hospitality, Medical, Manufacturing and Tourism Industries!

Employer Diversity – Employment Stability – Above Average Household & Family Income

Home of the Mayo Clinic

The World’s Largest Private Medical Center

  • Over 34,660 Mayo Clinic Employees
  • 2,289 Physicians and Scientists
  • 1,899 Residents and Teaching Academics
  • 30,472 Allied Health Staff
  • Visited Yearly by Over 350,000 Patients

Hospitality, Lodging & Tourism – Over 3 Million Visitors

Rochester’s 2nd largest workforce are the 14,000 hospitality and lodging specialists that annually accommodate over 1.25 million overnight stays and over 3 million visitors who frequent this community for athletic events, business and as patients.

Early Show Dates Focus on Mayo Clinic Employee Vacations

34,000 Mayo Clinic as well as other key industry employees and their families need to coordinate multiple vacations as early as possible in each calendar year. This event is an opportunity for Destination Tourism and Vacation exhibitors to meet “Face-To-Face” with families and groups to coordinate multiple vacation adventures.

The Reason Rochester is So “Exclusive and Influential”

A New Generation of Highly Educated, High Income Specialists Await Your Appearance

  • Rochester Metropolitan Statistical Area Median Age: 38 years old
  • Over 54% of the population is between the ages of 34 and 65+
  • 2015 Median Household Income in Rochester: $65,627
  • 2015 Median Family Income in Rochester: $81,798
  • 47% of the Rochester Metropolitan Statistical Area have an Associate, Bachelor, Graduate or Professional Degree.

This region has a large population of mobile, wealthy, medical, technical and patient retirees.

Visit these links for information about key industries that make Rochester a World Renowned Destination.

2018 Rochester Outdoor Recreation & Vacation Show
Exhibit Information and Resource Links

On receipt and acceptance of a completed contract and deposit, a confirmation Email will be returned with an assigned exhibit location. Booth furnishings and electrical services are not included in the exhibit pricing and are the responsibility of the exhibitor.
The Auditorium and Exhibit Hall are NOT carpeted.

Show Location

Mayo Civic Center
30 Civic Center Dr. SE,
Rochester, Minnesota 55904

Show Dates & Times

Friday, February 2 – 2pm to 9pm
Saturday, February 3 – 10am to 8pm
Sunday, February 4 – 10am to 4pm

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Designated Show Lodging Facilities

Our designated lodging facilities provide walking access through climate controlled skyways to and from the Mayo Civic Center, numerous restaurants and entertainment locations.

$139.00 Per Night

parking fees & lodging taxes extra

$129.00 Per Night

parking fees & lodging taxes extra

lodging prices available through January 11, 2018

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